About Us

The YEG Coffee Club is a division of the Edmonton River Valley Company. We are the proud owners of Little Brick Café, Dogpatch Bistro, Bread + Butter Bakery and the Umphreville Block in Riverdale.

The YEG Coffee Club started operations in 2020 to help local roasters and snack companies who had been impacted with public health restrictions. Thousands of subscription boxes later we have awesome subscribers who have received their subscription as a gift or better yet a gift for themselves!

In 2022, we are now working with YEG cafes too, offering 45 day gift cards to a local café with each subscription box. We hope to drive help local cafes meet new customers and help our subscribers find their new favourite café!

The support to buy local something something buy amazing coffee brought right to your door. Discover new cafes and good vibes. Try new snacks and attend local events you may not have tried! Enjoy the best of what YEG has to offer.