Take The Alternate Route

Alternate Route Coffee Co. was founded in 2017 in Leduc, Alberta by partners Ian and Kellie Wahl, built on passion, commitment, and partnership.

Alternate Route Coffee

Whether you're hitting the slopes, trails, or just heading to the office, this coffee is the perfect start to your day. If you prefer a classic, easy-drinking coffee, look no further than First Tracks. It's a Yellow Bourbon varietal from the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil, and although it's a "blend", it actually consists of a single-origin coffee roasted in two different ways and then blended together. This coffee has a rich flavor and smooth texture, with notes of milk chocolate and roasted almonds that make it a delight to drink.

Magical Tasty Oats

Magic Oats offers the most delicious, travel-friendly oat milk experience without compromising on taste. Plus, it's less wasteful and offers more oat milk! Try Magic Oats today and experience the magic for yourself!

Magic Oats

Whip up fresh creamy oat milk in seconds. Just add water and shake! Their oat milk powder is great for your daily rituals whether at home, outdoors, for work, or simply on the go. Try Magic Oats in a superfood latte, fruity smoothie, creamer for coffee and tea, cereal, overnight oats, baking, and of course by the glass.

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