April Brings Delicious Warm Cups of Coffee

Rolling Hills Coffee Company is a small Alberta company that started in 2020 to pursue their family's passion and deep dive into coffee.

Their mission is to continue providing small batch, slow roasted specialty coffees. They want you to enjoy relaxing "ahh" moments in your day where you kick back and savour the unique tastes of specialty coffees from around the world. 

Rolling Hills Coffee Beans

This month you'll be trying their 1924 roast - a premium specialty bean from Ethiopia. It's a smooth tasting blend of organic beans from the region of Yirgacheffe Ethiopia. These high scoring beans have subtle notes of star fruit, cherry, and black tea, and produce a mild fruity acidic coffee with lots of crema. Their mix of roast profiles help create this smooth drink while keeping the bold coffee tastes from the region. 

Delicious Cookies Packed with Nutrition

Cookies that are both delicious and nutritious? Say no more! Panela Lemon is here to deliver. Their goal is to create epically delicious mega-cookies packed with delicious and nutritionally-dense ingredients for snackers (Including gluten-free and vegan eaters!). They are committed to creating a big positive impact through memories and employment with as little environmental impact as possible. 

Panela Lemon Vegan Cookie

This month you can try their incredible peanut butter cookie with crunchy chocolate chips and topped with marshmallows. They are Gluten Free Friendly, made in small batches with whole grains, healthy fats, and unrefined sugars. 


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