February Unboxing - Coffee Roaster & Snack of The Month

A Dapper Coffee 

The Dapper Beaver Coffee Co. was founded by Scott Claypool to share his passion for coffee and community. The Dapper Beaver strives to create amazing cups of coffee each and every time so that everyone can feel a little more Dapper with every sip.

The Dapper Beaver is meant to be a conduit to create social change. As you can see, there is no branding on the coffee bags. Why? This allows $2 from every bag sold in store to be donated to All in for Youth, an organization that supports low income youth on their educational journey. So while you enjoy this delicious bag of coffee you are also helping make a difference in Edmonton and beyond.

Dapper Beaver Coffee - YEG Coffee Club Exclusive

This month you'll be trying their YEG Coffee Club Exclusive: Mexico Chiapas. Enjoy tasting notes of white chocolate, baked apples, and mild acidity.

Fuel Your Body With Energy Bites!

High quality packed with nutrients in bite size form is what Bulldozer Bites are all about. Their products provide you with healthy energy so that you can always perform at your best - whether it's to get you through a long work day or to fuel your body so you can finish your workout!

Bulldozer Bites

Bonus! Edmonton Postcard

Edmonton is full of beautiful scenery so we pair up with local YEG photographers to create postcards for you from their photos.

This month we are featuring Jeff Szucsik, who took this amazing photo of the Tawatina Bridge in Edmonton. 

Tawatina Bridge


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