New Year New Coffee

We're kicking off 2023 with Wall Coffee Roasters! Lorenn and Michael love seeing people make the choice to drink good, sustainable coffee and make the world a better place. 10% of every purchase goes to charity.


This coffee is sourced from Danche, a relatively new station established in 2019 in the Chelbesa region of Gedeo, Yirgacheffe. The Danche mill is owned by Negusse Weldyes who has been working with specialty coffee since 2008. He also owns an exporting company giving him access to feedback that most station owners don’t commonly get directly. You can expect flavour notes that remind you of mango, peach, floral tea. They reccomend brewing this coffee as a pour over. 

Get A Jolt Of Energy

Get really energized this month! Jolt Performance is a local Vancouver based business that has created a revolutionary protein bar - which is caffeinated to give you the energy to excel through your day! 


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