January Unboxing - Coffee Roaster & Snack of The Month

A Full Moon Coffee Experience

The Woodrack Café came to life within the foothills of Alberta on a girls' kayak weekend. The name originated from collecting driftwood and placing it on the racks of their kayaks and their handcrafted decor seen in the cafe has been collected from Alberta locations they love. 

 Passionate about fostering a sense of community, Woodrack Cafe strives to be your home away from home.  

Woodrack Cafe - Full Moon Roast

This month you'll be trying their Full Moon dark roast. Originated from South America, you'll enjoy tasting notes of Dark Chocolate, Mild Nut, Medium Sweetness. 

Woodrack Cafe is also offering a limited offer for YEG Coffee Club subscribers - Get 10% off your next visit with a purchase of Full Moon Roast. 

Healthy And Delicious Snacks...Need We Say More?

Healthy AND delicious doesn't always belong in the same sentence, but when we are talking about Laid Back Snacks it sure does. 

Founded from the concept that you can live a healthy and active lifestyle while also enjoying the small things in life - like an extra handful of delicious treats.  Laid Back Snacks - Maple Praline Almonds

This month, you'll be enjoying their Maple Praline Almonds - a salute to the Great White North (aka Canada). Made from the finest maple syrup in Quebec and mix with praline deliciousness - these two go together like flannel and lumberjacks. 

It's not all indulgence though, almonds help to build and maintain strong bones!

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Received my first box! Coffee is great! My snack was 2 biscotti biscuits? Those almonds sound interesting…pancake mix too!!

Brenda Noble

I did not get the laid back snack. I got the pancake mix. I wonder why?

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