Begin Your Morning With Delicious Coffee

Did you know Da Capo means to start over? Da Capo Caffe opened in 2007 by Antonio Bilotta and was built on Italian espresso bar culture - the idea of stating over daily with a ritual of espresso at the bar along with some conversations. 

De Capo Coffee

This month you'll be trying on of their Ethiopian blends Dale from the region of Sidama. It's one of the biggest coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia. Enjoy tasting notes of Elderflower, pomelo, orange, pomegranate, simple syrup and coco finish. 

Oh Honey! We Have Something Sweet

To say Paradis Honey's roots run deep in the beekeeping industry would be an understatement! As a 7th generation, family-owned, commercial beekeeping operation, they currently take care of 3,500 bee colonies and have a commercial beewax plant that's been operating for over 50 years! 

Honey Paradis

This month enjoy their delicious unpasteurized honey made right here in Alberta! 

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