Mugnificent Coffee

NRG Coffee is back with a new coffee to try! They are a family roaster, who's goal is to bring you great coffee that brings all the positive vibes to your morning!

NRG Coffee - YEG Coffee Club

This month you'll be trying their Costa Rica Washed whole bean coffee. Grown in the tiny Heredia province of Costa Rica is this little gem of a coffee. Elevations of up to 2900 masl, make this home to some of the highest grade coffees in Costa Rica. Enjoy notes of bakers chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar and a hint of citrus. They recommend a drip brewing method for this one. 

Simple, Wholesome Snacks

Mika first discovered popped lotus seeds when she was a little girl in her mother's kitchen in India. It was a family recipe passed down for generations and quickly became her favourite snack. When she moved to Canada, she noticed that her favourite food was nowhere to be found. With the growing need for healthy, wholesome and convenient snacks on the rise, she felt compelled that now was the right time to share her favourite childhood snack with the world and that's how Sacred Snacks was born!

Sarced Snacks - YEG Coffee Club

You'll try the Himalayan Pink Salt Popped Lotus Seeds this month! Their lotus seeds are hand picked, popped in small batches and roasted to perfection using natural seasonings and olive oil. These snacks are healthy without compromising on taste. Each flavour is guilt-free and irresistibly delicious.

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