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Jonathon and Brandy had dreams of starting a coffee roasting business and in 2020, they started Anecdote Coffee Roasters with the main goal to focus on the real people who make coffee happen, the farmers. They are the ones who have dedicated their lives to growing coffee, whether it was through inheriting the farm through family, or an opportunity for them to provide for their families. Anecdote wants to make sure that you know who they are and what their stories are.

This month you'll be trying their Mantiqueira De Minas from Brazil! Coming from the native Tupi word “amantikir,” Mantiqueira means “where the mountains cry.” This micro-region is located on the slopes of the Mantiqueira Mountains on the Minas Gerais side. The land borders São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states. More than 7,000 coffee growers collectively produce up to 1 million bags annually.

The region has a long tradition of coffee growing with many generations participating in the production of excellent, world renowned specialty coffee. Enjoy notes of peanut butter & jelly.

Patience...Delicious Treats Are Here!

Patience Fruit & Co is a family business that makes healthy snacks from local (Quebec-grown) berries, raised slowly with the utmost care, taking time to savour them. Since the beginning, they have practiced organic farming, using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They also personally tend to their berries every at step of the way, from seed to shrub to dried fruit. 

This month you'll be trying their Organic Whole Dried Cranberries sweetened with apple juice. These gently sweetened dried cranberries are the perfect snack and can be slowly savoured, adding a touch of sweetness to your favourite mixed nuts or seeds. And because their organic cranberries are bigger, many like to cook with them. 

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