You'll Devour This New Roast

Endeavour Coffee Roaster is a family friendly community orientated craft brewery in St. Albert. They pride themselves on the connections they make with their customers. They are focused on ethically sourced green beans from fantastic producers. This allows them to use high quality green beans to create the best roasts. They are inspired by their other passions in life including the outdoors, sports and those who are taking risks and making great things happen.

This month you'll be trying their Costa Rica Medium Roast. Enjoying tasting of Almond, Meyer lemon and chocolate with a well rounded clean balanced body and a delicate crisp acidity.

This Treat Is Tea-rrific

This month we have a special treat for you from Gioielli Tea Co. They offer Eco-Friendly Refill Teas and Tisanes for over 30 years. Deeply passionate about creating a product with little to no waste because the planet health matters!


Try one of their delicious flavours of black tea like Black Current Crumble, Chocolate Orange Truffle, Rhubarb Pie, White Hot Chocolate, Fall In A Cup.

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