New Coffee Just In Time For Pumpkin Spice Latte Season

Riverbend Roasters was created in beautiful Sturgeon County, Alberta. Getting a great cup of coffee in the morning proved to be difficult outside the city. 

Their coffee is uniquely roasted and crafted to enhance the natural flavours of the beans. They have found some of the best coffee bean farms from around the world. Their beans are roasted in small batches ensuring that each batch meets their standards and is of a quality that they are excited to share with you. 

Riverbend Roasters - October Coffee Feature of The Month

This Mexican Chiapas coffee is grown in Finca San Carlos, which is located between Mexico & Guatemala on the border. The high elevation of this coffee bean farm contributes to this coffee’s complexity and power. They have roasted it to a medium roast to bring out the hints of chocolate, caramel, stone fruit, citrus & tea flavours.

Top Notch Snacks When You're On The Go

Wise Bites is a family owned business! They are passionate about taking care of one another through delicious, healthy food. Putting delicious, nutritious baked goods in your purse, lunch bag or backpack is their main purpose.

Since inclusiveness is also their thing, they work hard to make sure their snacks are free from the top 11 allergens so everyone can partake. 

Wise Bites - October Treat Feature Of The Month

Their Oat & Quinoa Fudge will be a favourite amongst chocolate lovers. These get their fudgy taste from dairy-free chocolate chips, but delivered with all nine essential amino acids contained in quinoa flour.

These supercharged little bars pack a nutritious punch of protein, fibre and minerals thanks to the combined superpowers of oats and quinoa. Natural sweeteners and smart portion size make them just the right choice!

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